Website Validation and Testing

100-Point Inspection of Your Domain Name and Site

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Scan your website and get a free detailed report on everything that goes into making a safe, secure, fast and effective website that follows industry best practices.

Avoid Losing Customers

If your server settings are misconfigured, your website may be broken for a segment of your users. It may be subtle, but it makes a difference. Read about the most common website configuration errors.

If your website isn't optimized, it may load slowly. Slow pages annoy users and cause them to abandon your site. Learn how to speed up your site.

Improve Your Visibility

If your email settings are incorrect, your newsletters may suffer from deliverability issues. Learn how to improve this and reach your entire audience.

If your icons, server files or meta tags are set incorrectly, your website may not appear correctly in search engines and social media. Learn how to improve your SEO and get a wider reach.

Stay on top of everything by proactively checking your site with ValidBot. Enable the Automatic Monitoring feature and you will be notified if something on your website needs attention.

This comprehensive validation tool will audit the following items and give you an item by item break down of areas where you are doing well and things that need to be improved.

Domain Name Tests Domain Name

We run tests on your domain name registration, including expiration date, contact information and status codes to make sure everything looks good.


Ensure that your nameservers are configured properly and that all of your DNS records are set correctly.


Make sure that your SSL certificate is valid and uses strong encryption. Confirm that other security settings are configured properly.

Page Speed Tests Page Speed / Core Web Vitals

Checks the loading performance of your website and makes sure that you follow all of the best practices for speed.

Server Header Tests Response Headers

Checks the response headers from your web server to make sure that all of the recommended security headers and other settings have the best values.

Meta Tag Tests Meta Tags

Analyzes your meta tags and social media tags to ensure that you are using the most effective settings.

Email Configuration Tests Email

Checks various records to make sure that you can send email from your domain using email best practices to improve delivery and prevent fraud.

Favicon Tests Favicons

Confirm that your favicon and other shortcut icons are optimized and available at the correct dimensions.


Validate the HTML of your website and make sure there aren't any mistakes.


Lints your CSS files to find any errors and checks for common optimizations.

Robots Tests Robots.txt

Makes sure that your robot.txt file has no errors and allows search engines to discover your website.

Sitemap Tests Sitemap

Validates your sitemap file and confirms that all pages exist.

Miscellaneous Tests And More...

There are many other tests that are performed to make sure your website is optimally configured and delivered.

Accessibility Tests Accessibility

Verify that your website follows accessibility guidelines and is usable by people with visual disabilities.

Domain Reputation Tests Reputation

Checks to see if your domain name appears on any blacklists or lists of spammy sites.

 Tests Cookies

Checks your cookies to make sure they are set correctly and looks for 3rd party tracking cookies.

Miscellaneous Tests And More...

There are many other tests that are performed to make sure your website is optimally configured and delivered.

Perform over 100 tests on your website right now. What are you waiting for? It's a free checkup!