Og:description Meta Tag

The description that will be displayed when this page is shared on social media.

The og:description meta tag is one of the Open Graph meta tags that is used by many apps to improve the display of content that is shared on their networks. The Open Graph protocol was invented by Facebook, but it is used by other social media sites and messaging apps, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord and Apple Messages. It is the standard way to control the preview of what people see when a URL is shared.

This particular meta tag is used to display a short description of the page, which will appear below the title. Usually, this will match the page description set in the <meta name="description"> html tag, but you may want to slightly customize it for social sharing.

<meta property="og:description" content="Learn how to polish your widgets using the WizBang polishing compound." />

The description should be 2-4 sentences that accurately describes the contents on the page, and it should be less than 180 characters to avoid getting truncated. It should compliment the title and image specified in the og:title, og:url and og:image meta tags. A user will be able to see the title and description as a preview when the page is shared on social media or in chat apps. This is very similar to how the page title and description are displayed in search engine results.

For more information, please read our detailed Open Graph Meta Tag tutorial.

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