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Enhanced Tests

Certain tests are reserved for our Pro Subscribers. For example, do you want to validate a subdomain of your website? You can with a subscription! Get the most comprehensive reports by becoming a Subscriber today!

More Frequent Tests

A free account is limited to 1 audit per day. If you want to iterate quickly and re-test your site after making changes, you'll need more frequent reports. Pro Subscribers can run reports once an hour.

Private Reports

By default, anyone can run a report and view your site's results. As a Pro Subscriber, you will have the option of blocking this, so only you can view reports.

Priority Queue

Get a priority queue for your site audits, so you don't have to wait as long to get results.

Automated Reports

With a Pro Subscription, you can enable automatic re-validation. This will periodically run all 100+ tests in our suite and generate reports which will be emailed to you.

Historical Results & Graphs

View the test history for your website with pretty charts and graphs showing changes and trends. See how your results are improving over time and how changes to your site affect performance. Discover opportunities for improving security, speed and stability.


ValidBot with periodically poll your website and make sure there are no outages, errors or any degradation in speed. You'll be notified if there is a problem.


When running an Automated Report, if we detect that there is a problem with your site, you will receive an email with specifics about the issue, so you can fix the error.

If your domain registration or SSL certificate are about to expire, you won't be caught by surprise. Did a recent change negatively affect your PageSpeed? Get notified.