Web App Manifest Wizard

An interactive tool to generate and validate a Web App Manifest for your progressive web app.

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A web app manifest file is a JSON file that can be used by the web browser to discover certain information about the website. It is useful for making Progressive Web Apps that can be installed on the homepage of a user's device, as well as for other purposes. A proper manifest file will help to ensure that the website's name, icon, and branding colors are properly used for shortcuts and bookmarks.

To generate your manifest, please select from the options below. We can also fetch your existing web app manifest file to validate it and pre-fill the wizard below.

Import Existing Manifest

Upload or paste in an existing web app manifest file to validate it and pre-fill the wizard below.
The name of the web application. Under 30 characters is recommended.
A shorter name for when the full name cannot fit. Aim for 12 characters or less.
The URL to load when the user launches the web app.
A unique ID used to distinguish two different web apps on the same website. If omitted, start_url will be used.
A short description of what the web app does. Not generally shown to users, but may be useful for search engines.
The preferred amount of browser UI to display.
The browser may use this to adjust the color of the UI. Use an RGB color or a recognized CSS color name.
A URL restricting what is included in the web app. Navigating to a URL outside of the scope will open in an external web browser window.
An image to use for your app's icon. For best results upload an SVG image. Otherwise upload a square PNG or JPG image at least 512px on a side.
Drag Image Here
The circle in the preview has a diameter that is 80% of the width of the entire image. Content outside the circle may be cropped out by some devices.
Links to pages within the web app. A context menu of shortcuts can be presented to the user when interacting with the app icon.

Some experimental, seldom used and advanced features have been omitted from this tool. If you have a need for these advanced features, you probably already know about them already, but you can read about them on the MDN Docs for Web App Manifest.

ValidBot can test your website

Test Your Website

Once you have made changes to your manifest, type your domain name into the box below and run a free ValidBot Test to check if everything is correct. Look in the "Common Files" section of the report to see if you made all the changes correctly.

If you have implemented a good Web App Manifest, your users will be able to install your progressive web app on their device and have a good experience.