Domain Lock

Tests to make sure the domain is locked, which helps prevent unauthorized attempts to transfer the domain to another registrar.

If a domain name is locked, it will not be possible to transfer it to another registrar without first unlocking it. This additional security step helps thwart attempts to steal a domain by transferring it to another registrar. We highly recommend that this option be enabled for all domains because once a domain name has been transferred to another registrar, it is very difficult to get it back.

If you do need to transfer a domain name, you will need to unlock it. This process often takes a few days and requires a code that is sent via email to the current registrant. The specific process varies depending on the registrar.

The procedure for locking your domain name varies by registrar, so ask your registrar how to enable these restrictions. The specific status codes that you want enabled are clientTransferProhibited, clientDeleteProhibited, and clientUpdateProhibited. The combination of all three status restrictions will effectively lock your domain.

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